Child Sponsorship Coordinator Transport

Donations: $54000 / $65000

One village done! Three more to go…

Donations: $54000 / $240000

8 Ton Truck Project

Donations: $2950 / $55000

We need God’s wisdom, courage, strength, finances, and personnel to do what He wants us to do! Pray now, then pray as often as we come to mind.

Jump in and help us achieve the important projects currently being promoted. No amount is too small to make a difference. Just give what you can!  You can set up automatic debit for whatever you can give each month. This can be directed to our general support or an area of ministry of your choice (people like this method when giving toward a child sponsorship).


Consider a short –term trip or prayerfully consider longer term service as a full-time missionary.  Volunteer or participate in one of our events here in Canada to help make a difference. You can walk to raise funds for our feeding program, attend our annual fund raising banquet, or volunteer a skill to help us with promotion of the work.  Regardless of how you choose to get involved, your contribution is so very important to us and especially to the many people we serve. Jesus said that whatever we do for those in need, we do for Him. Loving God and loving people are really two parts of a whole.


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