Women and Learning

The women’s ministry has been abuzz of late not only with the sounds of sewing machines as they work on craft projects, but also with learning new things in a number of areas.

(Women’s craft production in progress. Especially exciting is to have our school girls come in and learn practical skills–girl at table is Marta, the girl who lost her leg, but not her life, to poisonous snake bite).

Two weeks ago, we held an Education Workshop/Seminar for all at the mission who are involved in teaching basic literacy, including of course the women’s group leaders. An education team came from Mercy Air–Anne, Kaylene, Santie, and Ruth–all are primary school teachers with a wealth of experience. I can safely say that no one fell asleep during the sessions!

Education WeekGeneral session: groups present their learning activities to each other

Reading timeStory time demonstration was a huge hit all around!

Women at Education Week

Two of the women’s literacy group leaders

It was a fun week and everyone was fully engaged in all the activities. Because the topic was basic literacy, we got to do fun stuff like color, tell and retell stories, make up learning songs, and play games. These will all assist us as we implement these fun teaching strategies on the ground with our learners.

Who says learning isn’t fun? Even if it weren’t fun, we are fully committed to teaching basic literacy because we know it has the potential to change lives for the better, forever. But when it’s fun as well–well, that’s just icing on the cake!