Underdeveloped conditions coupled with the often-occurring drought or floods set the stage for a population that is very vulnerable.

The death of a young mother, already a tragedy, is made many times worse if the family has insufficient resources for feeding her infant child. The loss of a maize crop to drought, where there is no other recourse, can spell hunger and famine for entire communities. Sadly, due to a number of factors, these scenarios occur regularly. People trapped in the grip of poverty with little or no access to services or education need someone who can help them find the way out.

We provide emergency relief to those suffering from natural disasters as well as to people in crisis situations who have no other hope of survival.

With the gracious help of many we are able to assist people in need. This is done by:

  • Providing meals to school children to ensure their healthy development.
  • Providing emergency food supplies during times of crisis.
  • Providing milk formula for orphaned infants and toddlers, or infants suffering from malnutrition.
  • Providing monthly food stipends to orphans and their elderly, widowed caregivers.

If you are interested in helping provide food for a needy person, click here to give online. We also invite you to participate in our annual Steps to Stop Hunger fundraiser which raises the funds needed for our feeding program. Thank you for your consideration.

Other ways of giving

Donate via automatic debit
We now have an even easier way for you to give with an automated debit from your bank account. Please download this pdf form by clicking here, fill out this form and follow the submission instructions at the bottom when you are ready to send it in. Please include a cancelled cheque with the form and send to our Canadian address above.

Please note: SAM Ministries issues receipts for tax purposes for all donations that are mailed directly to our office. These receipts are posted once a year in time for your tax return.

By Cheque:

A check or post-dated checks can be mailed to our office. Please designate to “SAM Ministries Inc.” and add note stating “Emergency Feeding Program: Mozambique”

Send to:

SAM Ministries Inc.
3715-85 Street,
Edmonton, AB.
Canada, T6K 3R9


Giving from the U.S.A.


SAM Ministries has a formal agreement with City Church, Madison, WI, for the receipting of donations from American donors. City Church will receipt your donations and grant these funds to SAM Ministries for the purposes you specify.

Online Donations (U.S.A.):

Simply go to the City Church giving page now by clicking here. (But before you do read the 5 points below)

  • Fill out the information requested, noting a one-time or more often donation.
  • Click the “Missions” box.
  • In the box called “Additional Comments and Questions related to this donation,”  write “SAM Ministries Emergency Feeding Program.”
  • Confirm and authorize your donation.
  • Print your receipt


Donating by Check (by mail):

  • Make check out to “City Church”
  • Include a note stating “For SAM Ministries Emergency Feeding Program.”
  • Mail to:

City Church
Attention: Nancy Van Maren
4909 E. Buckeye Road
Madison, WI 53716
(608) 221-1528

Online donations are given through City Church’s Secure Transfer online giving page.

Thank you!

More about the Infant Milk Program

The infant milk program operates in response to families living in absolute poverty who have babies in critical need of full or supplemental bottle-feeding with infant formula.  In order to participate in the milk program, infants must be:

  • Orphaned (mother died), or
  • A breast fed infant whose mother is alive but whose weight/growth is near or below 3rd percentile for age.
  • Aged between 0-18 months.

Breastfeeding is always encouraged as the primary method of feeding infants, bottle feeding is provided only as a supplement while the child regains its health. Before being admitted into the program, the family is given careful instructions about bottle feeding. They are also instructed to ensure the child is taken to hospital for routine vaccinations and regular check ups.

Infants in the program are monitored regularly to make sure the infant is healthy and gaining weight. The family’s responsibility is to provide good care for the infant, and to participate in periodic volunteer work at the mission while the child is in the program. This experience exposes them not only to the important message of God’s love for them, but to the heart of the mission as well.

milk program baby on his monthly weigh in Health Worker doing monthly weigh-in. infant milk Infant orphaned of its mother, being cared for by its father.

Granny and orphaned baby from Mucombeze, Mozambique Beautiful smile on a granny who is thankful for the help!

Thank you for your consideration.

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