For people living in absolute poverty, the “minimum level” of adequate food intake is significantly below an acceptable nutritional level.

The result is that their health and development are seriously compromised; immunity to disease is low, mental development is hindered and therefore learning is stunted. Even the energy level needed to produce more food is lacking.

The majority of those we work with depend on agriculture to produce the basic foods they survive on. Subsistence agriculture, the term used for this, simply means “supporting oneself at the minimum level.”

SAM Ministries is focused on agricultural development in a number of ways, four of which are listed below. Consider partnering with us in one of these to help us save lives, and to give people a chance for a better future.

If you are interested in giving toward our agriculture program, click here to give online.

Other ways of giving

By Check:

A check or post-dated checks can be mailed to our office. Please designate to “SAM Ministries Inc.” and add note stating “Agriculture Program”

Send to:

SAM Ministries Inc.
3715-85 Street,
Edmonton, AB.
Canada, T6K 3R9

Donate via automatic debit
We now have an even easier way for you to give with an automated debit from your bank account. Please download this pdf form by clicking here, fill out this form and follow the submission instructions at the bottom when you are ready to send it in. Please include a cancelled cheque with the form and send to our Canadian address above.

Please note: SAM Ministries issues receipts for tax purposes for all donations that are mailed directly to our office. These receipts are posted once a year in time for your tax return.


Giving from the U.S.A.


SAM Ministries has a formal agreement with City Church, Madison, WI, for the receipting of donations from American donors. City Church will receipt your donations and grant these funds to SAM Ministries for the purposes you specify.

Online Donations (U.S.A.):

Simply go to the City Church giving page now by clicking here. (But before you do read the 5 points below)

  • Fill out the information requested, noting a one-time or more often donation.
  • Click the “Missions” box.
  • In the box called “Additional Comments and Questions related to this donation,”  write “SAM Ministries Agriculture Program.”
  • Confirm and authorize your donation.
  • Print your receipt


Donating by check (by mail):

  • Make check out to “City Church”
  • Include a note stating “For SAM Ministries Agriculture Program.”
  • Mail to:

City Church
Attention: Nancy Van Maren
4909 E. Buckeye Road

Madison, WI 53716
(608) 221-1528

Online donations are given through City Church’s Secure Transfer online giving page.

Thank you!

Our Approach

  • Experimenting with different crops and growing our own crops, which serve as models of what can work in the local context. This production goes to feed children and orphans in our program.
  • Teaching local farmers techniques to help sustain better quantity and promote broader variety of crops including the planting of fruit trees.
  • Providing appropriate technology which, our experience has proven, makes a significant contribution toward improving productivity through the following:
    • Animal traction: This involves supplying local farmers with cows, plows and oxcarts. Animals are “paid back” to the program, which enables many more people to be helped and reinforces the importance of giving and serving others.
    • Manual (hand or foot-driven) water pumps: These enable the more regular production of vegetables and crops that are so badly affected by the inconsistent rainfall and the resulting droughts.
  • Creating local associations which create the context for people to help each other and encourage each other to promote:
    • Better and broader production.
    • Effective storage of food through construction of storage warehouses (food banks) to mitigate the effects poor production has on individual families.
    • Local processing of common staples.

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