Unique Easter, indeed!

While many Canadians (namely Edmontonians) were bemoaning the blanket of snow that fell over the Easter weekend with comments like “Merry Easter”, we in Mozambique were joyfully engaged in doing just that–celebrating Christmas at Easter time!

Everything was in place so last week on the Thursday before Good Friday we officially handed over some plows, traction animals, and a manual water pump to the happy beneficiaries. These were gifts given at Christmastime 2013 by donors wanting to share hope here in Mozambique. Of course shopping (especially for these types of items) is not a quick affair here and it always takes a few months to source things and round everything up. So now several months past Christmas we are still celebrating gifts and The Gift, really, of the season.

Some of the beneficiaries were mission staff, so we held a celebration right here on the mission base.

Traction animals (aka cows) being delivered to their new owner.

Traction animals (aka cows) being delivered to their new owner.


Plows that will be a huge blessing for field work these men depend on in order to feed their families.



A water pump was among the Unique Christmas Gifts. This enables the recipient to maintain a vegetable garden in an optimal location throughout the year, regardless of how dry or flooded the season is.


Oh, the joy of gifts received!


After much rejoicing and dancing, displaying their gift “certificates” before heading home to share the exciting news with their families!

Christmas is not just about what happens in December. And Easter is not just about what happens in April. They are both about God’s love for us and what He did for us. What’s also wonderful is that they’re about how we too can show that love. God’s love knows no season…it owns them all!