Unique Christmas Gifts Change Lives!

I’ve been at the mission farm in Mozambique since October 2nd and will be here until the end of November. After planning this trip a couple times I finally made it here and I’m enjoying being part of all that is going on! Being able to see, hear, smell and experience all that goes on here has definitely changed my life.
The day started out like all of our days during the week…all of us meeting for devotions and getting the plan for the day. Although this morning there was something special…one of the workers, Faria received a plow and 2 cows! A HUGE blessing for him!!

This was one of the Unique Christmas Gifts that was given as last year. Faria was chosen as the recipient because of his hard work and dedication to the mission. The look on his face when Dwight made the presentation is something that I will remember for the rest of my life and was the best birthday gift I could have ever received.

Janette, Faria, and the new plow (on Janette’s birthday!)

He almost had tears in his eyes and I definitely had tears in my eyes! This gift will have an amazing impact on his life and also on the lives of the people around him…making it easier for him to grow more crops and provide food for his family and the orphans he feeds. I’ve given some Unique Christmas gifts for the last years and being here to see someone actually receive one is something words can’t describe and makes you realize the wonderful blessing you can be to someone else through a simple gift. Best way to start the day…there was congratulations all around and of course pictures to pose for and Faria got lifted into the air as we all celebrated!