Marta, a Miracle because of Christmas!

Marta’s smiling face graces our Unique Christmas Gift brochure this year. Marta is a very special 13 year old girl who represents the lives that are saved when ordinary people like you and me give their lives to love God and love people. Marta almost lost her life this past year, but by the grace of God and the intervention of Lynn Lagore and her health team, her life was spared.


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For those who may have read the news report, Marta was bitten by a puff adder on her way home one evening after dark. As a result her leg became so infected by the poison and inflamed that the tissue began to break down. Her parents did the only thing they knew to do and took her to a local witch doctor. By the time Marta got to us, her situation looked grim to say the least. With much encouragement of the family over a period of weeks, yes weeks, by the mission, the family were willing to place Marta under professional medical care. Sadly by then her leg simply could not be saved and had to be amputated. But with much prayer and the loving after-care the mission provide,d Marta survived and was able to heal, have crutches, and become a smiling joyful part of our extended mission family. She attends church and school in our local community and is now hoping to get sponsorship so she can continue her studies.

Marta really is a life that was saved and changed by people like you who regularly help us to demonstrate Christ’s love in practical ways! Please take time to consider joining us this Christmas to make it truly Unique for someone who needs to understand the true Gift of Christmas.

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