By Jenn Sanders

My time in the bush has come to a close. I haven’t had time to completely reflect on my time here because it has been a whirlwind since day one. Three weeks came and went in the blink of an eye, two things I know for sure…There is amazing work that is being done, God is blessing and that God isn’t finished with me here. I believe there is a plan and what it all entails I do not know, but I will see Mozambique again. There is a love that is so noticeable here between the missionaries and the workers. Great progress has been made and I have a greater understanding of the African way. So far this trip, I have been a nurse, painter, carpenter, cook, health educator, teacher and fire fighter! Paul did say we need to be all things to all people. Even though I may not have been very good at any of them, just to be a part of this small journey with the Mozambican people will not be forgotten. They have an incredibly gracious and humble way about them that I need to have in me. I will be back! Part of my heart is planted here. God willing I will get to touch this red dirt once again.