Hawaiian Pizza

By Karoline de Gier

“Pizza for lunch was great. When we walked into the restaurant in the city of Chimoio we are greeted with white and red checkered tablecloths and a friendly Mozambican waitress with a big smile. “Bom Dia”. “Bom Dia.” The menu offers many thirst quenching soft drinks. “Could I please have a Lemon Twist to drink?” “No, we don’t have that today. And we don’t have any Coke or Sprite. We only have Fanta. Orange Fanta and Grape Fanta.” This is clearly more our issue than hers, so we opt for water instead. The pizza menu is quite extravagant with options such as anchovies and eggs for toppings. I am feeling a bit unadventurous and decided to order a Hawaiian kind. “We don’t have any pineapple today.” Again, this is an issue for me and has nothing to do with the restaurant service. We, however, make it an issue for her and inform her that we just passed a market with plenty of ripe pineapples across the street. Now the smiling waitress has no choice but to improve the restaurant service…
Ten minutes later she comes back with a bag tearing apart not only at the seams but everywhere (due to flimsiness) with a big, juicy pineapple inside for my pizza! It’s only about half an hour later that my delicious Hawaiian pizza is ready! The first bite tastes delicious and very fresh. I wash it down with a drink of water.”

Karoline (right) is currently volunteering in Mozambique with SAM Ministries. Here, she and Janette Stone do finish-painting on a Unique Christmas Gift Ox Cart before it goes out to the beneficiary.