Sponsor a Child

This online sponsorship campaign is in response to a challenging past year where a number of our sponsors were unable to continue with their sponsorship for a variety of reasons. The result was over 35 children lost their sponsorship which is a significant amount financially for our program. We have allowed them to continue in the program but we really need sponsorship for them. Every year the program continues to grow as more and more parents see the value of education for their children. It’s not just education though…it’s mentorship, skills training, Bible teaching and more. Sponsorship provides for each child’s educational, health and nutritional needs along with an opportunity to encounter God, who loves them and has an amazing plan for their lives.

We need you to help us reach our GOAL of sponsorship for 50 children!

Would you partner with us and enable us to continue transforming the future of Mozambique?

To Sponsor: 

Online: click “Donate Now” button

PreAuthorized Debit: click here

For more information: Email Janette Stone – childsponsorship@samministries.org


Basic Sponsorship is $35/month – This covers a child’s school fees, a daily lunch meal, attendance to basic health needs, and school supplies.

Plus Sponsorship is $45/month – Provides all the same things as Basic Sponsorship plus covers all the expenses for a student to live and attend high school in a community away from home.

Vocational Sponsorship is $65/month – This covers the costs for a student pursuing college/university training and providing them with skills to enter the workforce.