8 Ton Truck Project

We currently operate a 21 year old truck that we rely on to transport building materials for orphan homes, school buildings and children’s homes. This truck also transports tons of corn, beans and other basic food items for our orphan and school feeding programs. Whenever there is and emergency, as in the case of the recent Cyclone Idai that hit Mozambique, our truck is used to transport emergency food and seed to some of the hardest hit areas. The challenge we face is that the truck is so old we can no longer get parts for it and it is burning more 5 liters of oil for every 200 km trip we make. It also often just stops running and refuses to restart due to engine wear.

Our Need

We need to raise $55,000 Canadian dollars as soon as possible to purchase a new truck since trying to find a used vehicle in Mozambique is not viable. Tata now has a dealership in Mozambique and mechanics and local operators have told us their Model 1518, 8 ton trucks are very good vehicles. So, this is what we are planning to purchase. Thank you for your consideration in helping us raise the funds for this important need.

The urgency

Besides this being the time of the year that we can source food for our feeding programs at the best price, we are facing the ongoing impact of Cyclone Idai and the relief aid that is desperately needed in so many places. We are anticipating purchasing significant quantities of seed to ensure the places that can best use these can plant as soon as possible to reduce the disaster of famine and starvation that will occur if we do not act soon.

Crops growing after our seeed distribution in the Metuchira area after the Cyclone! Picture taken from our Cessna 2 months after our distribution in this area.