2023 Steps to Stop Hunger Fundraiser

Steps to Stop Hunger is an opportunity to join with us and make a concrete and profound difference in the lives of children. Our 2023 campaign runs July 15 – September 15. Our goal is 3200 bags of corn at $25 per bag which will enable us to raise $80,000 to ensure babies get the milk formula they need, children get the nutritious food they need to thrive, and orphans get the food they need to live out their full potential.

Visit our website: www.stepswithsamm.org to download the program package prepared for anyone interested to host a walk or other type of fundraiser. Here you will find a poster, sponsor & program information sheets as well as sign up sheets for those who may want to find people to sponsor them for a walk, run, ride, swim or any other fun idea you think people may want to sponsor you or your group to do!

You can also just buy bags of corn to help us reach our goal – Buy Bags of Corn

Track the progress towards our goal on our website or on our Steps to Stop Hunger Facebook page. We will be posting updates, videos and stories along the way. We’d love you to share your photos and videos of your efforts on our Facebook page too!

This is our third annual two month fundraiser for our feeding program. Your help will enable us to achieve our goal and keep up the incredible positive results we have seen for more than 20 years! Feeding a child ensures that little life has the best opportunity for health, education, spiritual understanding which results in a knowledge and relationship with their Heavenly Father, and a life of productive contribution in their families, churches and communities.