Orphans Now Have A Home

Granny Helena’s journey through life had already been difficult. She had been through the war and suffered the loss of one leg. Then she lost her husband and two of her children and was left to care for her 6 orphaned grandchildren. This is when she came to us for help.
We immediately responded by providing the family with emergency food relief and began looking for sponsors for the orphaned children. The entire family stayed in the tattered hut pictured above. They needed a better home ASAP!

Thanks to the compassion and hands-on involvement of people and a supporting church in Grande Prairie, Alberta, the funds were raised and the house was built.

The family was so pleased!

Sadly, however, Granny Helena’s health took a turn for the worse and she passed away before she was able to move into her new house. We were left with the task of finding a new, suitable caregiver for the 6 children who were by then firmly ensconced in our program.

With the help of a local pastor, we met an elderly woman who was capable of providing the care they needed and was in desperate need of a new home herself. The stick shelter in the background was Granny Mariamo’s home when we first met her a few weeks ago.

Pictured below with Pastor Mabuleza who has been such a help to us through this process.

Last week, Granny Mariamo and the children moved into this lovely home. Church and community leaders and extended family members came to show their support as we welcomed her and the children.

We will be providing close follow up over the next few months as the new granny and these children settle in together, but what a wonderful sight on our first visit back to see her busy in the kitchen area with a pot of beans on the fire.

We all rejoice to see widows and orphans in a home and cared for. This is truly the Father’s heart!