Nursing Rounds On Orphan Homes

Today, Naemi (visiting nurse from Switzerland) and I (Lynn Lagore) did sick-home visits at two delightful orphan homes. Yes, our patients were ill, but they still smiled and were very cooperative. At our first stop, it was pouring rain and I had forgotten my umbrella at home…

As we got out of the vehicle in the village, we were surrounded by a small crowd who came to greet us. Once we’d shaken everyone’s hand in the rain, we dashed for cover in a thatched, mud hut.  Inside, the family was busy cooking their lunch on an open fire and their pots of massa steamed away. The caregiver granny had an abscessed tooth, which Heather had discovered on her visit to deliver care and supplies to the home yesterday. After a short chat about the weather (we’re so thankful it’s raining!) and an update on the family’s dairy cow, we examined our patient and treated her. It was so good to see the one orphan boy, who several months ago was very ill with pneumonia and anemia, doing well and smiling happily at us.

From there we headed to the second home where a 5 year old boy reportedly had a high fever yesterday. Thankfully the rain had eased up by then. We checked our little patient, Felicio (below left), and decided on the best meds for him. I decided to administer the first dose right then and there to make sure his caregiver knew how to do it. I wasn’t sure how he would cooperate…young children can be notoriously difficult to give meds to! But he turned out to be quite the trooper; he opened wide and swallowed some syrup without a complaint then promptly chucked back some pills with a cupful of water.  When it was all done, I asked him to pose for a picture beside Tito, his older brother. (Tito seriously disliked Grade 1 a few years ago, but today he proudly informed me that he passed Grade 2 already and will start Grade 3 in a few weeks).

They looked a little intense in the very first shot. Clearly the little one isn’t feeling so great.

So I coaxed them, “Ok guys, smiiiile…”

Felicio smiling sweetly.

 It was harder to catch Tito who usually hams it up for the camera. I guess it’s just part of growing up 🙂

We trust everyone starts to feel better soon. And to all who sponsor children or support the health program, thank you for helping to touch these precious little lives!