Health Home Visits

Health concerns at some of the new orphan homes kept health workers busier than usual over the past few weeks as they have accompanied Heather Neufeld on visits to these homes. One of the more elderly grannies, who cares for her orphaned grandchildren, complained of stroke-like symptoms so Heather and Celestino (pictured below) went to the home to do an assessment, provide care, and pray for her.

This granny’s eyesight is poor and she is hard of hearing, and yet she was the only one left to provide care for her orphaned grandchildren. Here, one of the children helps Celestino (health worker) ask questions by repeating them loudly into her ear.


As a routine part of all home visits, especially where a family member is sick, there is a time of prayer.

Providing basic health services to these grannies and the orphans they care for is a tremendous source of encouragement and hope where they had no other recourse before. When they first join the mission’s orphan program, they’re often in a poor state of health because of the extreme difficulty of their circumstances and poverty coupled with poor access to health care services. What a privilege it is to be able to minister to the needs of those who are so vulnerable!

We are happy to report that this granny has steadily made good progress in her recovery.