Back to School

The end of January marks the definite end of the summer/Christmas holiday season in Africa. And there’s a flurry of activity as we register this year’s younger students at our primary school (preschool-Grade 5),and our older ones for higher grades and trades training.

ID cards

Students love to receive their student ID cards each year. For most of them, it’s the only picture of themselves they have.

December and January here are summer months, and the weather is hot and rainy. So people are very busy growing their maize crops right now so they can have food for the rest of the year. During their holidays, most students are busy helping their parents with field work. But for a few days, they come participate in mission activities and get a close feel for the goings-on at what they refer to as “our mission”. It’s wonderful to witness their sense of pride and identification with the mission’s heart which is to reach out to the needs of others.

students latrine

High school students take turns with each other digging a latrine at an orphan home that receives help from the mission.

Orphan Abel working with Peter

Abel (in front), an orphan and student sponsored by the mission, gaining some experience with bricklayers in the area of his interest–construction.

Mateus and Joao

Joao (missionary) with Mateus, a blind student, who is pursuing training as a primary school teacher.

To those of you who sponsor a child to help bring hope and change to their lives, thank you! If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact us. You can email our head office at: Also, if you have a chance, make sure you check out the child sponsorship programs on this website too.

These students request and appreciate your prayers for them as they apply themselves to learning in 2014!