A place to call home

Sometimes we take for granted the place we call “home”. For many in our area their homes do not have  leakproof roofs, secure doors or strong walls. Most do not have a proper latrine.  Recently some of our orphan families had to leave their homes and move to new “yards” and start over.

Thankfully both of these families are sponsored and we were able to offer them some assistance.  A group from Grunthal, Manitoba helped to build new latrines for both homes, put a roof on one of them, and left funds to purchase the supplies for the second home.

Another group of volunteers came and painted one of the homes and was able to install the roof on the other.

Both families were so thankful for the work done, with dancing and clapping, hugs and thank you’s all around.

Being able to help families improve their living situations is just one of the many reasons we work with vulnerable kids in our local communities.  Please continue to pray for the orphan children and their caregivers as we work along side them to see improvement–not only in their living situations, but in their education, physical and spiritual needs as well.

Thank you to those who sponsor children from our Amigo Orphan program! Without your sponsorship we wouldnt be able to have such a hands-on role in the lives of these families and children.