Orphans and Child’s Play

“We delivered orphan food last week- and I was privileged to hand out a few more bags of goodies from the Fort McMurray church to the last few Amigo Orphans who had not yet received.

I cannot tell you how much I love being able to give little girls their very first dolls. It is something we take for granted, the ability to pretend play, to imagine, to share our secrets with a dolly who will never spill the beans! Many of these girls care for siblings or relatives from the time they are 3 or 4 years old, carrying around younger kiddos on their backs as they fetch water and firewood. But that early “life experience” does not stop their joy in receiving their first dolly- the smiles when they get that first dolly just give me goosebumps! Here is the smile Celina gave me as she showed off her brand new dolly!

The Amigo Orphans also met for their twice monthly meeting this past Friday.  All the kids within walking distance come, and it was a lot of fun this week (as usual) watching them play. I tried my hand at some jump rope (which sadly, I can no longer do with any sort of grace- I used to LOVE doing Jump Rope For Heart at school, but I’mm realizing that was many years ago apparently) and also enjoyed playing some Frisbee.  I absolutely love watching the kids interact with each other and Pastor Mariano, laughing and just enjoying being kids! Mariano told the story of Noah and listened to their concerns and requests- mostly for more pens and notebooks for school!”

 Mariamo makes a valiant attempt to catch the frisbee.

Joao spent some time trying to read the children’s Bible.

Couldn’t resist this pic of the smaller Amigo Orphan boys sporting the shoes they received a few months ago.”

Thank you!

By Heather Neufeld