What would motivate you to ride more than 80 km on a Saturday?

“When we started to study, we had to ride 43km to Chemba every Saturday for class and then ride home again. This was very hard but we wanted to learn!” This statement by one of the three graduates in Capanga, Mozambique gives you just a hint of how important it is that we provided the opportunity for leaders who so badly want to learn. These leaders really have to learn so they can provide sound teaching and direction for their churches and communities!IMG_3014

The 43 km bike ride on this sand road to leadership training every week!

The 43 km bike ride on this sand road to leadership training every week!



This past week Pastor Ricardo (our Coordinator), Aleque Wilson (our program Administrator) and I travelled to 4 different communities and celebrated the graduation of 14 leaders. Needless to say these men persevered through much difficulty to reach this stage; some taking as long as 8 years to finish the program.

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What really motivates me is that many of these men, during the process of their studies, have been selected to be key leaders in their respective churches and denominations. One of these this past week is the director of a school in one of the communities, meaning he is impacting many young lives and minds.IMG_3048

It was a blessing to have Rick Neufeld join us for the second graduation on his way back from holding 5 seminars in other communities where we have extension schools. He challenged the leaders about the importance of helping people to discover and develop their unique gifts and set them free to use these.


Thank you to those of you have persevered with us in prayer and support so we could be there for these courageous people!