We can do it better together

By Dwight Lagore

A constant challenge for us as human beings is to work together, and yet this challenge is the most awesome opportunity we have! Because when we learn to do it we can do whatever we are attempting better!

Upon returning to South Africa en-route to Mozambique we first had the privilege to spend a little time again with Dr. Jason and Judy Fawcett of Hebron Theological College in Johannesburg where we picked up 12 cases of books for our leadership training program. Our partnership with Hebron and the Fawcett’s has greatly enhanced our ability to reach and train leaders in Mozambique and we have learned from their expertise.

SAM Ministries Cessna 182 in Mercy Air Hangar

Our next stop was the Mercy Air base in Whiteriver, which is on the road to Mozambique from Johannesburg. As many of you know Mercy Air (with Ron and Barb Wayner as founders) and all those involved have been important friends and partners for many years now. Besides lots of business purchasing supplies in preparation of our return to the mission base in Mozambique, we had time to meet with Allan Luus (Mercy Air South Africa’s CEO) to just connect again and share our hearts as to important next steps in our cooperation. We are excited about so many new developments and yet humbled by the many challenges we face. A big project has been the airstrip in Mozambique to better facilitate this relationship and our ability to operate the mission aircraft effectively, and although most of the physical work is done, the paperwork remains and this feels like a big mountain ahead. The mission Cessna 182 has had almost 6 months of down-time while we worked to get a Canadian Export Certificate of Airworthiness so the aircraft could be imported into Mozambique as per the (new) Mozambique aviation requirements. With the Canadian documentation in hand, we now start the Mozambican registration process which feels like another mountain to scale. But again, we thank the Lord for the partners here at Mercy Air who have hosted the aircraft all these months (safely tucked in one of the most secure hangars:), and have worked tirelessly to help get all the paperwork and maintenance in order to ensure the aircraft is in top shape for importation.

As we make final preparations to return to the mission, we found out that both of our power generators that provide our electricity have broken down (along with a smaller one used for building), but thank the Lord for a Christian mechanic who volunteered to go on a Saturday and trouble shoot and assist us to get the right parts here in South Africa before we leave.

We can do this with God’s help, and we can do it better together. Thank you for your prayers and constant encouragement!

Mercy Air Helicopter ready for another mission into Mozambique