The difference Christs’ presence makes!

Mae Ivone

Mother Ivone, not to be confused with Mother Teresa

“I was on my way home for lunch,” shared Carlito (our woodworker), “and as I was about to cross the highway, I looked down the highway and noticed Mae Ivone (Mother Ivone, the wife of Pastor Mariano our orphan coordinator and recent graduate) just standing by the side of the highway! I decided to go and see what was going on, so I rode my bicycle down to where she was. When I arrived she was just standing there and praying. Close beside her was an elderly widow who had recently been dropped off by a taxi. The elderly widow from our community was still not well and not able to walk, and when Mae Ivone came by, she was too small to help the widow, so she just stayed with her and started to pray. Immediately I got off my bike and helped the lady to her feet. Mae Ivone and I put her on my bike and helped her get to her home. I really learned something yesterday from Mae Ivone!”


Carlito, a willing learner, be it in the carpentry shop or “God’s field”

This little story Carlito shared as a thanksgiving at prayer time this past week is a reminder that regardless of who you are, or where you are, you can make a difference when you remember Emanuel (God is with you)!  Not only so, your willingness to act (even if you feel you can only pray) has more of an impact than you may appreciate.

(Mae Ivone shared at her husband’s graduation a couple weeks back, that she now also wants to study so she can be a help to her husband as he pastors his local church and shepherds the little group of churches who have asked him to lead them. Mae Ivone works in the Simukai (Lets stand up) craft room to make some money and help the literacy project earn support. Keep Pastor Mariano and Ivone in your prayers as they teach and model Christ in their community.)