Students Learn ‘Care for Creation’

Earlier this year, the Mount Horeb School held a Science and Literature Fair.  As with all other school events, the central theme was ‘Creation’ and man’s part in taking care of the wonderful world God created for us.


The reason for these events was to  create an opportunity for students be challenged to use their capabilities and talents to help their fellowman, and make the world a better place to live in.  Modern society sees many problems;  they are troubled by them and hope that someone somewhere will do something positive to bring about change.


Our students are encouraged to look at the world in a critical way and to take on the challenges it presents.  We urge them not to focus on the problems, but to live and act in such way that will bring about transformation  in our schools, our cities, our countries, and change in the realities we presently live in.

Our fair ended with a strong commitment by both the teachers and their students to act on what they had learned, and to communicate it effectively to others.