Popcorn, Anyone?


Rick Neufeld just returned home from ten days up north.  When I asked him what the highlights of the trip were, his first answer was “Sharing my popcorn with my host’s family and friends around a small campfire in the dark! It was such a blessing to be able to fellowship with them and hear about their heart for ministry and serving God as well!”

Sharing popcorn at Pastor Pires compound.

Aside from eating popcorn with the locals, Rick kept very busy leading two day seminars on Children’s Ministry in Chicote and Inhangoma (both very remote villages- Chicote is technically in the “no mans land” between Malawi and Mozambique) as well as handing out certificates and leading half day seminars in several communities where the mission has extension schools running.

Seminar participants excited to recieve Bibles in their own language, and training in how to use them!

Many of these communities are in extremely poor areas, there are few crops, and no social safety net for those whose crops fail, or who are orphaned, widowed or elderly and sick. Part of our work is to train local churches to reach out these needy folks and help them as a community of believers, each one doing whatever it is they can to help.

Other highlights included meeting Moses, a young man who sold one of his chickens to be able to purchase a solar New Testament Bible in his own language, so he and members of his family and neighbors who cannot read can hear the Word of God.

Moses and his new Solar new Testament- in his own language!

Rick also enjoyed getting to know the pastors and church leaders that he met, and seeing first hand the passion they have for seeing Children come to know Christ at an early age!

Using pictures to help teach Bible Verses to children.

We praise the Lord for safe travels, and pray that the teaching received by the participants will take hold and bear much fruit!