Lasting Relationships!


Ron Wayners words can likely be quoted by all who know him… “It is relationship that counts because it is the only thing we will take to heaven with us!” And through thick and thin Ron and Barb have worked overtime to maintain and build relationship.

We were privileged to meet them soon after they landed in Nelspruit, South Africa with the dream to launch Mercy Air. We had a dream to get SAM Ministries established in Mozambique with what felt like the far-fetched dream to operate an aircraft to enable God’s work. It was Ron and Barb’s home and constant encouragement on the farm in White-river that provided a refuge for us as we survived the first three dreadful years in Maputo trying to find our way. It was the Mercy Air base along with wonderful hospitality that helped us survive the ongoing adventure of establishing the mission in central Mozambique.

Although there are many memories I have, the one I remember well is the evening we had enjoyed at supper with Ron and Barb. Discussion had come up about the challenges of aviation in Africa and that night I once again told God that if by breakfast He had not spoken clearly to me I was going to give up the dream of flying and of purchasing an aircraft for the work. After all the money, sweat and tears I had invested in my commercial pilot license, this seemed to be a rather big bull I was putting on the altar. The next morning after my quiet time Lynn and I went to breakfast where Ron promptly declared he was taking me flying in the Cessna 210 and I was going to sit in the left seat (Pilot in Command seat)! This was the very first time Ron had even suggested we fly together and I had decided Ron pretty much liked to fly himself. Well I am not sure what Ron was thinking, but I sensed a clear message from up above that I should hang in there and keep the dream alive. Thank you Ron for that morning flight!


Ron and Barb standing on left with Allan and Desire Luss on right (CEO of Mercy Air South Africa and his wife)

It has been many years now and we did realize the dream of an aircraft for the mission work here in Mozambique. Mercy Air continues to be partners joined at the hip… where love and mercy meet! And they continue to do our aircraft maintenance and support the work here in more ways than we can count.

Ron and Barb are now serving in Alaska training young mission pilots but are still actively involved in Mercy Air. They were out recently for the 25th anniversary of Mercy Air South Africa which was a fantastic time of remembering and worship. They also spent a month with us here in Mozambique. What a rich blessing they were again and what a joy it was to enjoy the time of fellowship being reminded that regardless of our paths, we have relationships for eternity and we need to cherish and nurture them now!