How am i changing Mozambique

I am often asked by people what it is I do here in Mozambique?, or how am I changing Mozambique? The truth is though that Mozambique is changing me more then I am changing it. That is to say that I am more inspired to pray, worship, and call on God now, through the people that I meet in Mozambique than I ever was before. I have found in Mozambique more passion for God then anywhere I have ever been before. I am not needed here to build a passion for God but rather to equip the church in how to know God better and how to teach their churches, friends and family more and more about the truth of who God is through the Bible.

I was reminded again the other day of the passion of God’s people here in Mozambique during one of my leadership training trips in a bush village north of the Zambezi River. It was in this community that I have often visited that my friend, a child with cerebral palsy, shared with me John 3:16 in his own language. He can barely talk and yet I have never met a boy as passionate about God as this young man.

Meeting Pepito and listening to John 3:16

I remember as we went to leave he asked us to pray for him. I almost cried as I was moved by his passion for God and I prayed for God to use him for God’s glory and to heal his broken body. As soon as we were finished praying, he took off his shoes knelt down, and with arms raised prayed for me and my family. I fought the tears as God showed me that this young boy had a relationship with God far greater then mine and it was not him who needed healing but me. I am so thankful to be able to offer education, food, and help to the people of Mozambique and I am so humbled by what I receive each day in return. God is great.