Home away from Home?

For the past six months we have been “home” in Canada, visiting with the many individuals and churches and organizations who pray for us and support us financially. We have also had the chance to share about what we do with several new groups- including two daycares, a highschool, middle school, Bible College and others! The focus of our presentations has been to share what it is that we do in Mozambique- as Rick puts it, we are “Pastors to the Pastors” training them to lead their churches effectively and fulfill the purpose of the church! Rick has been sharing how we teach, show and empower the pastor’s we work with. One of the way’s we empower the leaders is thru the Unique Gifts Program- which has had a record year! We have been so excited to see people respond to the needs and give to see Pastors and communities empowered to reach out to those in need. I am very much looking forward to sourcing, purchasing and delivering over 160 Orphan Care Packs this coming year- more than we have EVER done before!

Of course Rick has enjoyed sharing his “Crocodile Story” with just about everyone we have met- kids groups, youth groups, Sunday school classes, children church, small groups and numerous individual families- it has been really special to watch how that one incident has been able to bring truth to so many people. Encouraging them to embrace their own special talents and giftings and be used by God.
Our time here at home has been wonderful… though this time around it has felt a bit strange… like we are home, but yet away from our home. I guess this is part of missionary life- forever feeling like you are both at, and away from “home”.

That being said, we are very much looking forward to our return to Mozambique in March- but it will be hard to leave behind our friends and family again! Prayers are appreciated as we pack up, prepare for travel and especially AS we travel!

Thanks so much, Rick, Heather, Tendai and Ryan Neufeld



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