Dear Friends

It’s been a few months of radio silence on our end, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy.  Chels and I have continued to work full time, and we have continued to serve with IMPACT youth ministry.  We have had a great summer of connecting with and mentoring the young people in our community.  As we look forward to our future role serving as the Health and Youth Ministries coordinators, we know this is excellent preparation.  I have also started my Certificate in Biblical Studies through Clearwater College.  I am almost done my first course in the program, and have been both challenged and encouraged through it.  Chels has begun working on her Portugese via the Duolingo app.  And, while progress is slow, she is determined to be successful.

Moving forward in the fundraising process has been exciting, and humbling and challenging.  We can truthfully say this has been the most challenging step on our journey to date.  From a natural perspective, the financial barriers can feel extremely daunting, and often our faith is challenged as we seek to trust in God’s provision and perfect timing.  It is also so humbling to acknowledge and express our need for both prayer and financial support to our friends and church family.  But, every time we begin to grow discouraged, God seems to open a door or provide a new opportunity.  Our church family here in Morinville has continued to partner with us – both in prayer and finances.  We have also had the opportunity to speak at three different churches.  Two of which had no previous connection with SAM Ministries.  With each opportunity, we have been so honored to share the story of our journey.  Chels and I were also encouraged as we reflected upon God’s goodness and faithfulness in each step.  God has also provided an amazing network of friends and family that have come along side us in this process.  We have often been so thankful for the well-timed words of support and encouragement we receive.

We are excited to say we have reached close to the 30% mark in our fundraising goals.  While it may seem like there is a significant distance to go (and there is!), this small success is a continual reminder of God’s faithfulness in the process!  We are so thankful that the God who is calling us, is sufficient for every need.

Chels and I would welcome you to join your faith with ours as we continue to move forward in this journey.  Some specific prayer points include:

  • Believe God for the remainder of our financial support.
  • We have two additional speaking opportunities scheduled in the upcoming months. Please pray that we will be able to clearly articulate the vision and call we feel upon our hearts, and more importantly God’s heart for the people of Mozambique.
  • For sharp minds as I complete my Bible courses, and we both continue working on language learning.
  • For wisdom to discern God’s timing and leading, and obedient hearts to respond to every challenge and opportunity.

Thank you so much for your encouragement and support!  We are so excited to share this journey with you.

Lots of love from both of us,

Josh and Chels

Here are some pictures  from our time and ministry in Mozambique…