We are looking for people with a clear calling, with sound character, who are competent and willing to grow and learn. We are also looking for people who feel they can passionately identify with our mission statement and vision.

Further requirements of all potential missionaries are that they be willing to…

  1. Learn Portuguese. This can be done as part of the preparation for field service either in Brazil at our base there or at another suitable location.
  2. Be aware that we work cross-denominationally and have a high regard for the diversity that exists theologically in the Church. We need people who can major on the majors, minor on the minors and be able to distinguish which is which.
  3. Identify with a very holistic approach to missions and be willing to actively integrate faith, evangelism and discipleship into anything they are involved with.
  4. Be a life-long humble learner. Mozambique has much to teach any candidate even while the candidate brings much that is needed to be learned here.
  5. Work effectively within a team setting.
  6. Fill roles as needed on the mission with an understanding that serving in areas of our passion also requires a willingness to serve in areas where we are needed. “Committed to Serve” is our motto.
  7. Raise their own financial (personal and ministry) and prayer support based on a budget we would prepare for them.
  8. Be involved in helping raise support for and promoting the overall ministry of SAM Ministries.

Bible and Leadership training teacher/mentor role

We are looking for a missionary (single or couple) who is a Bible and Leadership training teacher/mentor who could serve our Leadership training program and secondarily serve in other areas of the ministry. This person should be a Bible School graduate with either a bachelor degree or higher, or a diploma in Biblical studies as well as at least 2 years Pastoral experience. This candidate must have a commitment to the calling, art and science of leadership and the vital importance of multiplying effective leadership cross-culturally as a Kingdom strategy. The best would be for this candidate to have some real world work experience and/or any other trade or skill due to the nature of the work being rather broad. The work would be to teach some of our core courses during our intensive training times with the monitor trainers we are equipping, assist with the overall administration of the course and students as needed, and travel to the many rural areas where the leaders we are training live to teach seminars, provide encouragement and help follow up on our other development programs (orphan and food security projects) in these communities.

Office Administration /Accountant /Hospitality role

We are looking for a missionary (single or couple) who could serve as an accountant and assist with the overall financial and administrative duties of the mission.  This person would need some formal training in accounting and/or have practical real world experience in financial management and accounting. We use Quickbooks for our accounting both for the Mozambique and Canadian sides of the ministry, so it would be important to either know Quickbooks or be able to learn this program quickly. A further aspect of this position would be assisting with the hospitality ministry of the mission which is vital since we have many short term visitors each year.  It is preferred that this person also have some Bible training and be able to assist where needed in the various ministries we are involved in.

Technical skills role

We are looking for a missionary (single or couple) who could serve in our skills training ministry. Ideally we need someone with an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s ticket (with or without a pilot license) who is also interested in Vehicle maintenance and who can assist with the Mechanic and/or woodwork training programs (both theory and practical). We will also consider someone with a Vehicle mechanic ticket (heavy duty preferably). A vital part of all of our training is Christian discipleship and as a result it is important for this missionary to have Bible training and/or Discipleship training of some kind.

Medical Ministry role

We are looking for a Nurse (RN preferred) who could assist with our ongoing medical ministries. The primary role would be training and mentoring local health workers and/or pastors involved in ministering to their communities. It is critical that any health professional applying for this position have a strong understanding and commitment to an expression of modern medicine as an outflow of faith and service.

Any missionary (single or couple) who has a blend of the above training and skills and have a calling and willingness to serve would be considered.

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