The reason!

Friday morning devotions here at the mission were telling! Thursday, one of our school teachers shared a challenging devotion about making sure we were doers of God’s Word and not just hearers. He challenged our staff of the traps many Mozambican Christians fall into… running to the witch doctor when we are sick or in trouble and wasting lots of money doing so, at the same time refusing to honor God with our finances through giving our tithes and offerings. He touched on many sensitive topics and a few staff were heard commenting afterward.

Friday, Joao, our Mozambique missionary felt he needed to reiterate and clarify the importance of the topics shared the previous day and focused attention on the importance of truth being spoken even if it is not always comfortable to hear. As usual Joao, spoke very clearly and effectively. As he opened the time up for others to share, it was encouraging to hear…

“I am so thankful for our morning devotions here at the mission, because even though some speak with what sounds like anger, others do so in tears, and others with much conviction and even sorrow. But they always speak truth that we need to hear.”

“I am grateful for everyone who has shared with us this past year in devotions. Each word has been an opportunity to grow and I have greatly benefitted”

“The chance to hear God’s Word each morning has enabled me to grow in my faith and share these truths with my family. I am thankful for these times.”

This past week our entire team had the privilege to celebrate with 3 of our students who have now graduated from mechanic training. We will do some more celebrating this coming week as they spend a week working with us on a number of projects. But the sense of achievement by all has been so heart-warming to see!

Tito, a young guy with a bit of an eye defect, started in our preschool. I remember wondering… “Is this little guy with the crooked eyes going to achieve something.” I am so thankful that God has given us the ability to see beyond our own doubts and trust in the potential He has placed in people! Janette, our own Child Sponsor Coordinator, was so excited because she has been supporting Tito for many years. What a reward for her to be here and join in the graduation celebration. There are many lonely and difficult moments out here, but there are also the times where we wish every child sponsor could be here and see hope literally come to life! I talked to the mechanic shop owner where Tito did his practicum and he told me, “Tito, with the crooked eyes, was the best of the three young men who did practicums with him this year!”

Bero was badly burned as a baby when his village was attacked during the civil war. Some of you may remember his story. His father had to break through the wall of the burning hut to rescue him, but even then Bero’s survival is nothing short of a miracle! When we met him, he had a smile that could melt your heart, and his love for God expressed itself so well as he worshipped with all his heart, soul, and body in his local church. Through the generous support of a sponsor in Canada and also a home-cell group that banded together to help us get life-changing surgery for Bero, he was able to get back to school, finish grade 12 and now successfully complete his metal work and welding training!

Agusto, also started with us in grade 1. His story is that his parents are very poor subsistence farmers who could never afford to help him get to this stage without the mission school, the mission staff and more importantly those of you who support SAM Ministries and generously give to child sponsorship. Agusto did his practicum at a sugar company near Beira, and it appears they have offered him employment starting in the new year.

All three of these young men are alive in Christ and excited about the future God has in store for them!

The reason all of this has been possible is because God sent His only son, Jesus, on a mission of love, of sacrifice, of redemption and salvation! What energizes us as a mission and as missionaries is the unconditional love and forgiveness that was given us and that makes us eternal debtors to the One who made it all possible. And it is His birth that we celebrate this Christmas season. It is His gift that motivates us to give, and give others the opportunity to give.

Thank you to all who support us and this mission. Our Unique Christmas Gift program provides a great opportunity to touch someone in need this Christmas.