“It’s a real thing and it’s happening!”

For a young man like Joao (John) Wison to even get a high school education is a very big deal in Mozambique, especially when you are from the bush! Here is Prosper our mechanic and team members’ latest experience as told by him. Keep Prosper in your prayers as he lives out God’s calling and mentors other young men.

Loving God and loving people so that they have a chance to love God and love people.

It seems like it is just a phrase, but it’s not just a phrase, it is a real thing, and it is happening!

It was a surprise to see Joao Wilson, one of our sponsored “children” and one of my apprentices from the year 2013 and 2014. I mentored him and worked with him during his school holidays while he was studying. He came to visit me at the mission this past week with very happy face. I said to him, “Welcome brother but what are doing here?” And he said: this place is on the top of part of my heart and I love you that’s why I am here”. Then we started a conversation about life, and during our conversation he said, “I had my first salary so I came home to show my love to my parents and bring them some support and they were very happy”.

It was good to see that Joao Wilson is not just apprentice, but my follower and now has a job so he can support himself and help his family!

Glory be to God.

Thank you all who support this work and make these miracles possible.

Joao Wison

Joao Wilson, one of our sponsored children who is now a young man and hired!