Trained Leaders Impacting Others

Tony and I have had many opportunities to teach pastors and church leaders in Brazil, Russia, Moldova, and now in Mozambique, but we can’t recall a time when we were so impressed with a group of people as we are with this one on the picture. Pastor Antonio Zimbulane (second from left) invited us to teach at his village on a hot January weekend.

The church building was packed with over a hundred people, including church leaders and their wives from a few different congregations in the area. Pastor Antonio values education. He loves to learn from God’s Word. He can’t get enough of it. He was one of the first graduates from SAM Ministries’ Leadership Training program. But that was just the beginning. He does not want to stop learning. And he does not want his congregation, and others that he supervises, to stop learning either.

We were so amazed by the involvement of Pastor Antonio’s church in their community. They minister at the local jail, at the hospital, cleaning streets and public areas, assist orphans and widows, offer literacy programs, and much more. What an inspiration! We came back home physically and mentally tired by the intensive hours of teaching over the weekend, but very encouraged by what we saw and heard. Our hearts were filled with joy from the fellowship with these African brothers and sisters. There is a good reason for us to be here, in the bush of Mozambique. God is at work. His light is shining through His people, His love is touching hearts, His Spirit is transforming individuals and communities. All we need to do is to make ourselves available to God. What a privilege to be a tool in His skilled hands.

(Tony and Leila have been seconded by World Team to work with SAM Ministries in Mozambique.)