On Saturday October 20, 2018 Andy, Joao, and Shannon planned to lead a seminar in the town of Songo near the Cahora Bassa dam.  This community is located in a mountainous area in the Province of Tete about a 1.5 hour flight away from our base and is the source of vast quantities of hydro-electric energy from the Zambezi River. Due to the terrain our pilot, Andy Kuret needed to be certain the weather was good enough for a safe trip in and out. After checking the weather Friday night it was determined that we would be able to fly which saved us a 12 hour return trip by car.  However, in the morning a weather system had come in and we weren’t certain if we could fly out after all.  After some deliberation and checking with our contacts in Songo the weather lifted and we were able to fly out. We arrived in Songo around 10:15 am and were taken to a local church where the seminar would take place.  We were greeted by over 50 people dressed in black and white, welcoming us with song. What an incredible welcome! The morning was filled with a time of worship together followed by introductions.  Both Shannon and Joao had an opportunity to share a time of teaching which was well received and appreciated.

We also had the incredible opportunity to celebrate with our students as they received certificates of completion for the books they have been studying over the past year. It was a joy to celebrate with them and we look forward to another opportunity to spend more time with these dedicated students.

By Shannon Weiss