Buildings Are Boring

Yes they are, until you’ve had to live in a tent. 

And tents can be fun if you WANT to stay in one. Even then, they’re only fun for awhile. And only if it’s not too cold, or too hot, or too rainy outside. 

But that’s not always the case. Especially in Africa. For about 15 years now, groups of pastors and monitors have come twice a year to attend our week-long intensive seminar. They have stayed in tents every time, through intense heat, torrential downpours, and cold winter nights. And yes, it does get cold here at night in winter time! See them huddled around the fire (above photo) trying to warm up? These guys come from further north where it doesn’t get cold. So when they come here, they need lots of warming-up time and blankets.

We’ve been promising them a better place to sleep in for years. And now, things are finally taking place.

Enter “boring” building #1 (right hand, green roof):

 This is the first of many such two-room units we plan to build so pastors (and others) don’t need to sleep in tents while they’re here. #1 will be done by the time the pastors arrive for our next seminar in a few short weeks. #2 (where I’m standing to take this photo) is well underway. It MAY be ready in time.


Nice veranda and bedroom, right? Each room will hold 2 beds, and each unit has 2 rooms. Six of these units will be build in a circle so they have a central fire pit between them where they can set in the evenings to unwind and chat.

We are so thankful to those who have given to this, another, “boring building” project. People and programs ARE more interesting, even for us. But those people sure do like these buildings to stay in when they are here! In fact, our thread-bare, many-times-repaired tents would also say a huge thank you (if they could) for giving so these units can be built. They’re more than ready to retire!

If you’d like to donate toward more of these units, please know you’re giving pastors, students, and visitors a cooler-in-the-heat, warmer-in-winter, drier, and much more comfy (and pretty) place to stay.