Twin Success Story

Out here where poverty prevails and the struggle for survival is very real, the arrival of twins is as much a concern as it is a joy. It is common knowledge that if twins are born, only one will survive. To a large degree this is true because people in rural areas are well acquainted with the cycle of harvest and then hunger as grain supplies get used up. This of course impacts a mom’s ability to produce sufficient milk.

Our infant milk program helps save precious, little lives–not only orphaned or undernourished babies, but also to help feed twins when a mom’s milk supply is inadequate.

twins as babies

Once babies are of age and out of the program, we may lose contact with the families due to the distance they live from us. In other cases, if they live near us and their situation warrants it, we transfer them into our orphan or child sponsorship program and have the joy of watching them grow up and develop into lovely young people. Every once in awhile we will “accidentally” bump into those we’ve lost contact with, years later.

This happened not terribly long ago. We were visiting a rural church with a team of visitors. The service was lively and the congregation so welcoming. After the service, the pastor came up and presented his two lovely daughters to me. He asked, “Do you remember these girls? You’ve met them before.”


Well, I meet a lot of people out here so had to admit I didn’t remember their faces. “They received infant milk through the mission back in 2004, so they were babies when you saw them last. But look at them now–both alive and well, Senhora. We are so thankful to God.”

And I was too. What a wonderful moment! Periodically we face challenges running the infant milk program as is the case with any program that serves the needs of people. But witnessing success stories like this is a huge encouragement and strengthens our commitment to continue and improve our efforts!