To Africa with Love

Susie Sarrasin who attends Grunthal Abundant Life Fellowship (Grunthal, Manitoba) along with her husband, had a sense of calling to fill a container with needed equipment, furniture and supplies and ship this to SAM Ministries Mozambique. Pastor Rick Neufeld who served in Mozambique full time with SAM Ministries along with his wife, Heather and their family, and who now pastor the church in Grunthal support this project along with their church board. Rick and Heather continue to be involved with SAM Ministries and Rick has made a trip to Mozambique each year to assist in many ways. A committee of volunteers was set up in Grunthal to support Susie and the project was launched after consultation with SAM Ministries.

We are excited to say that there is progress and numerous tems have already been donated. Although all the items on the list are valuable, we are placing a focus on the items less easy to access in Mozambique and therefore more important for shipping. The list of items we are looking for is attached below so we encourage you to consider donations toward this cause, both in items to send as well as possible donations to help make the transport and import possible.

With any project of this nature, there are many many challenges involved, so please keep Susie and the committee and us all in your prayers so this project can have the best outcome and bring blessing to the work being done here in Mozambique. If you have something to donate that is on the list and you feel is in very good condition, please email Susie at or myself at

Thank you for your support and interest!


Items Needed for container destined for SAM Ministries, Mozambique

Please note that we will only accept and/load new or equipment/material in very good condition since funds have to be raised and paid for the transport as well as the import these items and we want to ensure we achieve the best outcome with the time and resources given us. Thank you  for your understanding.

Farm equipment:

– small square baler

– small manure spreader

– sickle mower

– hay rake and hay wagon

– Honda quad

– 4 Honda or Yamaha Motorcycles (cc125)

– garden tools


Sewing/Craft equipment and notions:

– Singer sewing machines—vintage or antique– treadle or hand crank. (please contact for specific model types)

– Quilt Batting (any)

– thread, buttons,

– brightly colored yarn (medium weight), embroidery thread (any),

– scissors,

– safety & straight pins, needles all sizes,

– old jeans/denim (not stained),

– interfacing/iron-on fusing.

– Cross stitch fabric

– Pillow stuffing or old fiber filled pillows (no feather pillows please)


Health supplies:

-Crutches (forearm crutches preferable)

-Dressing supplies

-Reading Glasses (number 1.5-2.75 are most useful)

*No prescription lenses please…unfortunately we have no way to put them to good use.

-Stethoscopes, scrubs


Furniture and storage:

-single mattresses

– metal cabinet (with lockable doors if possible)

– metal storage boxes

– Action Packers (heavy duty plastic boxes with sturdy lids)

– file cabinet and usable folders/files

– upholstered chairs

– Office chairs

– Desks



– blankets, sheets, pillows (twin/single size preferable)

– bright or dark-colored towels, hand & bath



– large catering pots & pans as well as some smaller ones

– large serving bowls/plates

– serving spoons-large



– Bicycles,

– tire tubes,

– tire pumps

– inner tube patching kits



– paper, notebooks, pencils, erasers, pens, colored pencils, scissors, rulers (metric), craft supplies (any), calipers/geometry sets, school bags

– counting and color aids/manipulables

– addition/subtraction, multiplication/division flash cards