The start to a Christmas miracle!

There is something incredibly powerful about seeing the love of God having a tangible impact on the lives around us. For Madala and his family, that love came in the form of a life changing surgery! At the end of November, we made a request for the funds required.  The response was staggering: by the end of the week we had exceeded our goal!  What a privilege it was to sit with this family and share the good news.  Because of the love and generosity of people around the world, Madala would be able to have the operation that would save his leg.  Words cannot express the joy and gratitude shared by his parents in that moment.  December 12th we took Madala to the private hospital, and by the 19th he was home and beginning the journey towards recovery.  Over the past month his days have been spent sitting – unable to walk or play until the bone has recovered.  The weeks have been filled with dressing changes and soon we will begin with x-rays and follow up visits.  But, Madala (and his parents) are almost always found with huge smiles on their faces. As a team we have continued to celebrate Madala’s progress, thankful that until now his recovery has been free from infection or other complications.  However, we face the reality of ongoing costs.  Each x-ray and visit to the specialist have marked an un-expected cost.  Where the mission received a quote of $1500, the cost has risen to almost $3000.  We are continuing to pray for funds to facilitate the care necessary for a complete recovery. If you would like to help Madala you can click the giving link at the top right of the web site and just note “SAM Ministries medical assistance” as a note in the comments section of your donation. For more on this story read “Partner with us to give Madala a Miracle this Christmas”

Madala with Josh after the surgery