Partner with Us to Give Madala an Amazing Gift this Christmas!

Meet Madala! He is a sweet, shy, six year old from our community here in Mozambique. For almost a year now, Madala and his family have become a regular part of life here at the mission.

At the beginning of 2019, Madala’s father approached the mission, seeking medical assistance for his son. Only six years old, Madala arrived severely malnourished and suffering from a severe bone infection in his right leg.  The initial diagnosis was grim.  His parents had been unable to provide medical care early on, and by the time he was seen by doctors at the central hospital in Chimoio, it was anticipated that they would need to amputate the infected limb.  However, with the support of the mission, Madala was able to receive treatment at a private clinic.  Over the past eight months Madala has spent countless hours traveling to Chimoio for x-rays and consults, and at our health post receiving wound care and followup.  He has been on long term antibiotics and his family has received significant assistance from the mission to improve his nutrition.

The most recent consult shows that Madala has made significant improvement! His nutritional status has improved and the infection has been contained.  There is no longer any talk of amputation, and there is hope that Madala will make a full recovery. But for this to take place, he still will require surgery to remove the remaining infected tissue and allow complete healing of the bone. The cost of this procedure is approximately $2000.00, far beyond what Madala’s parents can afford.  Our desire, as a mission, is to ensure that this young man receives the care and treatment necessary to make a full recovery.  A common phrase heard here at the mission is “pouco pouco vai longe”, which translates to “a little bit goes far”. With this in mind, we are asking that you would consider partnering with us as we raise the funds required to meet this important need! No amount is too small to make an impact and help transform this young man’s life.


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