Snake Bite Recovery

socorrista-teaching-preventive-healthWith school summer holidays now on and most people off planting their fields, you may think health work would be a bit slower. But that’s not necessarily the case. When you couple warmer temperatures with people working in their fields, there are more work related injuries and snake bites as well!

Sometimes clinic work requires home visits to those unable to come to the clinic, and so it was with a young mother recently. She was busy about her work and didn’t see a Puff Adder nearby. She mistakenly stepped to close to it and was bitten on the foot. Several days passed before this came to our attention, but once we heard of it we immediately made our way to her home to do an assessment and provide care. She and her family were very happy for the help she received over the following few weeks! Her husband came in person to the mission this morning to express his appreciation. He also reports that the wound is much better and she can now walk normally again.