On Call–bush style

Lynn & medical team

River crossing on foot with medical team (keeping a wary eye out for possible crocs). What a blessing they were to those attended to!

Earlier this month, we enjoyed a week-long visit from a medical team from the U.S. and Mercy Air South Africa. It was a fairly well-rounded experience as they got some time to see sick people at rural health posts as well as attend to sick-calls in village huts (after a fairly long bush walk in the dust). And there were several good opportunities for teaching and learning for all involved too.

At healthpost

Time at the mission school’s health post way off the beaten track.


Molly and child

Molly examines a little guy who’s not so sure he wants to open his mouth much further!


Cathy & Lynn

Lynn Lagore (me) and Cathy Middleton (of Mercy Air SA) treating a case of scalp fungus.

Part of the team’s focus was teaching and equipping those on the ground here. This included techniques for establishing life-saving airways and artificial respiration. This is especially essential considering the fact that some of the most prevalent snakes in these parts have neuro-toxic venom (which paralyzes one’s breathing). Just establishing an airway and maintaining ventilation spells life in such a situation. Here, health workers get to practice on “Resusci Annie” and the real thing too–Dr. Roger Pacholka!
Ernesto opening airway

And as if everyone needed a reminder about why these sessions were conducted, a snake crossed our path on one of our remote village visits. Granted, this one doesn’t pack neuro-toxic venom. But still… They are alive and well out there!


Part of caring for and loving people involves sharing hope with and praying for all who are open to receive it. Fernando was one such case who consistently asked us to pray for him and would add “please mention me by name in prayer so God knows who I am”. This man was very sick a few weeks ago but I’m very happy to add that today, he is so much better! We are thankful for good medical care, for those who respond in love to the needs of people, and for a God who can do above and beyond what we could ever hope or imagine.

Roger with Fernando

At the end of a very busy week, we said farewell to both old friends, and new. Special thanks to Anne Herbert and Santie (#3 and 4 from left) for coming and pouring their abilities into our education & remedial team and effort while the medical people were otherwise very busy. The bridge construction team was here at the same time to install the bridge that will help protect children and enable them to get to school safely. What a flurry of activity! But also what a wonderful, cooperative week of loving God and loving people so they can also love God and love others.