Newest baby in milk program

This is the newest addition to our infant milk program. Isn’t he cute?

orphaned baby needing formula, cradled in granny's arms
He is just over a week old and hasn’t been named yet. His mom died fairly soon after his birth and his grandma and dad (pictured below) have kept him alive by spoon feeding him sweetened condensed milk diluted in water. There isn’t much of anything out in these parts, so I’m surprised they managed as well as they did until they found the mission.

Mother and son see help for recently born and orphaned grandson

Inside the health post, the baby is weighed and checked for overall health and the family is given important teaching regarding bottle feeding, follow up care, and vaccinations.

Health worker teaches formula preparation

By the time this is finished, our young man wide awake and squawking with hunger. What better time to prepare and give him his first bottle?

orphaned week old infant receives first bottle days after losing mom

Orphaned week old infant receives first bottle days after losing mom

The family is so relieved to receive this essential help. We look forward to working with this family and watching this little one grow healthy and strong. A warm thank you to all who give to help babies and families like this in crisis!

orphan baby with smiling grandma after receiving milk