Basic medicine and materials: greatly needed!

We deal with everything out here from major accidents and life threatening conditions to a simple scrape on the knee. We have been thankful for government supplied meds we’ve received for quite a few years now. We’ve had to buy in the odd thing, like gloves and infant formula, but otherwise, the medicine provided helped us to meet the health needs of the communities we serve.


Over the last 5 months, however, these supplies have been limited. The health posts have only received 1000 Tylenols/month to serve a community of several thousands, and antibiotic salves and dressing supplies have to be stretched. Even then, they run out.


 We are doing what we can to work with the shortage. We cut corners where we can and are resourceful wherever possible. But the day in the month, where the antimalarials and Tylenol run out, is a very difficult one indeed when a mom arrives with a child who is quite sick and only needs those two meds.


Monthly health worker meeting where we discuss issues and challenges, discuss possibilities and get reconnected again.

Thanks to donations of funds and materials so far we have been able to keep working and meeting the needs of sick people who come our way. We are so very thankful for those who contributed as they are able–those who give to help us keep doing what we do: dressing wounds, treating the sick, and touching lives.


If you would like to help provide medicines or supplies those who need them so much, please visit our “give page” and select “Health-Mozambique” in the right hand box.

Thank you!