“If GOD doesn’t build the house, the builders only build shacks. If GOD doesn’t guard the city, the night watchman might as well nap.” Psalm 127:1 (The Message)

We invite you to join us in prayer for each of our programs, that the Lord would bless our efforts and do exceedingly above all that we ask or imagine, as we follow his mandate. Below is a general guide for prayer for each program.

Thank you for praying.

Children’s ministry (includes children in school and orphan programs):

  • Pray for guidance and wisdom for the leadership in our children’s programs, especially as these ministries grow and as we work to increase our effectiveness in ministering to children in need.
  • Pray that through the care and teaching they receive, children would see God’s love for them and open their hearts to His work in their lives.
  • Pray for protection and health as these children’s living conditions and situation often places them at a higher risk of disease and injury.

Women’s Ministry:

  • Pray for the women in leadership in this program, that the Lord would endow them with wisdom and the resourcefulness necessary to minister to the needs of women living in poverty and difficult circumstances in rural Mozambique.
  • Pray that the new skills and knowledge (reading, Bible truths, how to have healthier homes, crafts), which women are learning through this ministry, would find fertile soil and take root in their minds and hearts. And that this learning would bring light and life not only to the women’s hearts, but to their homes and their communities as well.

Health Program/Emergency Feeding:

  • Pray for our efforts as we minister to diverse health needs, that the Lord would minister through us and touch lives both physically and spiritually.
  • Pray for continued favor with the government health department, and that new doors for cooperative efforts would open to help meet the desperate health needs in remote communities.
  • Pray for the monitors and many pastors taking the health course that new doors would open for them in their communities as they share this basic life-saving information, and as they show compassion to those who suffer.
  • Pray for those who receive assistance from the Emergency Feeding program, that souls and lives would be saved, and empowered.

Leadership Training:

  • Pray that monitors, and the pastors who receive training from them, would hunger first and foremost for God and His righteousness.
  • Pray for commitment, strength and protection for the monitors and pastors as they live often in exceedingly difficult circumstances, and as they minister and bring hope to those around them.

Vocational Training:

  • Pray that the children in our schools would put their trust in the Lord and that His grace would be made evident in their lives as they grow and make important life decisions.
  • Pray for those in vocational training, that the Lord would open the doors for them as they prepare for the next stage—be it further training or entering the work force—and that they would be a light for Him there.

Current Projects (see Projects page):

  • Pray for the Lord’s leading, timing, and that we would have the faith necessary as we consider and promote projects that have the potential to impact many lives.
  • Pray that the necessary funds and resources would be raised.
  • Pray for that the Lord’s blessing would rest on the project, that hearts and lives would be touched and changed for the Kingdom.