You can donate to SAM Ministries in a variety of ways, through one-time gifts, regular monthly giving, or planned giving. Donations can be given either online, by check or by setting up an automatic debit. Gifts can be designated to specific ministries, current projects, or where needed most.  Gifts designated to “Where Needed Most”  help us meet the current, most urgent needs.

Thank you for partnering with us to love people and empower them to love others. Every gift no matter how small can make a difference to those we serve.

Canadian Donors

E transfers are the easiest and most cost effective way to donate! Just send an e transfer to and please make sure to email with your name and address and details of how you wish to designate the donation.

Canada Helps provides our secure online giving service and will issue you with a receipt for tax purposes immediately via email attachment after your donation is processed. Please be sure to enter a current email address and once received, print your receipt for your records.

You may make a one-time gift online or set up a monthly donation which can be changed at any time. You may also set up a giving account that you can access to track all your donations over a year.

Online Donations
Click here to give now

Donation by Cheque
A check or post-dated cheques can be mailed to our office. Please do not write designation on the check itself, but include the information on a separate note. Send check along with note to:

SAM Ministries Inc.
3715-85 Street,
Edmonton, AB.
Canada, T6K 3R9

Donations via automatic debit
We now have an even easier way for you to give with an automated debit from your bank account. Please download this pdf form by clicking here, fill out this form and follow the submission instructions at the bottom when you are ready to send it in. Please include a cancelled cheque with the form and send to our Canadian address above.

Please note: SAM Ministries issues receipts for tax purposes for all donations that are mailed directly to our office. These receipts are posted once a year in time for your tax return.

American (U.S.) Donors

SAM Ministries has a formal agreement with City Church, Madison, WI, for the receipting of donations from American donors. City Church will receipt your donations and grant these funds to SAM Ministries for the purposes you specify.

Online Donations

Online donations are given through City Church’s Secure Transfer online giving page. Simply go to the City Church giving page now by clicking here. Please read the following instructions:

  1. Select from 2 button options: Continue with Email (instructions directly below), or Continue with Facebook (see #1 further down).
  2. Create a new account or login if you already have one
    • To create an account with email, enter:
      • First/Last Name
      • Email address
      • Create & Confirm Password
      • Click “Create Account”
      • A link will be sent to your email to confirm your email. Once confirmed you can continue.
  3. Choose frequency and dollar amount for your donation. Click “Next”
  4. Enter method of payment: Bank Account, Credit Card or Debit Card (a link for one of these will be displayed.)
  5. Select “Fund Option” –  Select “Other” and specify in the memo field that the donation is for “SAM Ministries” and any additional specific designation of your choice.
  6. Click “Give” button to complete transaction


  1. To Continue with Facebook 
  2. You will be asked to sign into Facebook
  3. A pop up window will display a message notifying you what Facebook info the secure online donation provider (“Subplash”) will receive.
  4. “Continue as yourself”
  5. This will take you directly to the City Church Giving page.
  6. See instructions #3-6 above.


Donating by check

Make check out to “City Church” and include a memo clearly stating “SAM Ministries” and indicate the program your gift is to go toward.   Send checks to:

City Church

Attention: Nancy Van Maren
4909 E. Buckeye Road
Madison, WI 53716
(608) 221-1528

Please make sure you include a note specifying your donation is for SAM Ministries Missions and any information you wish to communicate about the donation.

Planned Giving

It is often difficult to look ahead to the time of our passing.

  1. What plans have we made?
  2. Are our loved ones adequately taken care of?
  3. Are there interests or passions that we have and we should really consider?

SAM Ministries asks you to consider looking past the todays of our lives. A legacy gift to our Legacy Foundation will enable your support to sustain this important mission work for many years to come.

The lives we invest in are the only investment that really brings change to our world and the only investment that outlasts us. Someone once said, “Changing circumstances sometimes changes people, but changed people ALWAYS change circumstances”. This is the kind of change worth investing in.

Choose a Planned Giving Strategy

The following suggestions are only some of the examples of how you can leave a legacy after you have passed. They will help guide you as you consider how to ensure that your assets help others into the future. If you already support SAM Ministries, you can continue in the legacy you have already helped to build over the years through your prayer and generous, faithful support. If you are new to our work, you will have the chance to join our team and be a part of the legacy we are all living and will be leaving in the form of changed lives that will be used by God to change other lives.

  1. Leave a gift in your will or estate plan.
  2. Leave a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your assets to SAM Ministries.
  3. Consider using assets for your gift such as a gift of real estate or personal property that could be used or sold for changing lives.
  4. Name SAM Ministries as the beneficiary of your RRSP, RRIF, pension plan or as the beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy.
  5. Purchase a new life insurance policy naming SAM ministries as the beneficiary and receive a receipt for tax purposes for the monthly policy cost.
  6. Remember loved ones with memorial gifts.
  7. Encourage family and friends to leave gifts to SAM Ministries in their wills.


Prepare Your Will

We strongly encourage everyone to prepare a will. Without a will, your estate (property and finances) are settled according to federal and provincial laws which often may not be according to your wishes. By preparing a will, you ensure that your estate goes to precisely who you wish to see benefited by it. Your will would address any obligations, family needs, spouse or others financial well being. It can also address any planned legacy gift that you may want to make. This way you can plan a gift to SAM Ministries that will only take effect after your obligations have ceased – it addresses your plan and your concerns for others.

You can plan to leave a gift of any size from your estate, and it means a great deal to those who receive the help. This is a serious decision but one you will not regret. You may want some suggestions about how this can be done simply. We would encourage you to think about your decision and pray about what it is you want to leave as a lasting legacy of your life and commitment to missions.

We would be pleased to talk to you further about this – no pressure from us, no commitment on your part. Please click here to contact us.

We would also suggest using the services of a professional (a financial planner, lawyer, accountant or life insurance agent). Any of these can provide advice, help you leave a gift, and can tell you about the tax benefits of doing so.

It is important to know that by using your will as a valuable tool to direct your future legacy, it also maintains your complete control and flexibility to change beneficiaries if your family’s needs change during your lifetime.

If you would like to include, or have already included, a gift to SAM Ministries, please contact us so we can be aware of your desires.

Thank you so very much! Although we cannot take our earthly fortunes with us, we can certainly use them to provide a lasting legacy.

Unique Gifts Fund

Our Unique Christmas Gifts are not only a celebration of Christ’s birth, they also provide vital help to people in dire circumstances. It may be a family who needs a cow or plow to help them produce a better crop this year, an orphan child who needs a mosquito net for protection from malaria, or basic medical supplies for a rural health post. These gifts not only show love and compassion, they also offer hope.

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