The SAM Ministries Celebration/Banquet and Steps to Stop Hunger are annual events where participants get involved in raising awareness and support for our programs.

SAM Ministries Celebration/Banquet

The SAM Ministries Annual Celebration/Banquet, usually held during the month of May in Edmonton, Canada, provides an opportunity for those interested in SAM to meet each other, enjoy a good time of fellowship together, and hear the latest reports and updates from the fields. If you would like to attend the next banquet and need details, please contact us.

Come Celebrate with Us!

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Steps to Stop Hunger


Visit our Steps to Stop Hunger website for more information on how you can be involved.

This annual fundraiser is to raise the funds for our feeding program in Mozambique. The program currently provides approximately 5000 meals per week to impoverished children, widows, and other malnourished people, and the needs are continually growing. Every year the mission buys 60 tons of corn, 7 tons of beans, milk, milk formula and supplies needed for our fruit and vegetable production to provide food for those in our program. Our own production plays a large part in providing added nutrition for our feeding program.

The funds raised enable us to buy the corn, beans, milk, milk formula and supplies needed for our own fruit and vegetable production.