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We invite you to consider membership with SAM Ministries. Your involvement as a member broadens the base of the mission and helps provide stability and longevity for the organization. Your active  participation is needed in order for the mission to carry out its important work.

God calls us to serve in many ways throughout our lives. Becoming involved in His work is just one of those ways. Each of us needs to pray, we need to serve and we need to feel part of His family. By becoming a member in S.A.M. Ministries you are partnering with us to reach out to God’s people especially as we serve Him in our missions in Mozambique and Brazil. It means that you are a partner in our mission, our vision and our values. It is not something that you should consider lightly – it is a commitment to S.A.M. Ministries and to God.

As a member we want you to become involved. We want you to pray for God’s work in these activities. We want you to follow God’s work with our mission and our missionaries. As a member there may also be opportunities where you can use your skills and talents with us. What is God asking you to do? Do you want to become involved in an exciting and challenging ministry with us? We would encourage you to become a partner with us and consider becoming one of our members.

Read our guiding principles:

S.A.M. Ministries’ Statement of Mission, Vision and Values
S.A.M. Ministries’ Statement of Faith

To become even better acquainted with us, open all the links in the Who We Are menu.

Click here to download a membership application form (PDF), then send it to S.A.M. Ministries’ head office at:

3715-85 St.
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6K 3R9
Ph# 780-408-3268


Thank you for your consideration.

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