Survived the Red-Bird and Walked for kids

By Dwight Lagore

“If God wanted me to fly, he would have made me a bird,” was the mantra of one of my grand parents. Well although I didn’t become a bird, I did clearly feel called to fly to serve people. This past week I was able to successfully complete an Instrument Flight Renewal in a Red Bird Simulator. This simulator may be called a “bird” but it is harder to fly than a real airplane so I was grateful to get this behind me as we prepare to head back to Mozambique next week. I was also very thankful to a generous supporter who sponsored my renewal training… it really takes a body of committed people to make this “fly”.

Red Bird Full Motion Flight Simulator

Andy Kuret who is also a pilot serving with us in Mozambique just happens to be back in Three Hills to do his Instrument Flight Renewal training as well. He along with Suzanne Kirk (a nurse who has been to Mozambique 5 times!), Andrew her husband and Emmit made it up for the Global Care-a-thon event which was blessed this year with perfect weather for the walk and fellowship. It was a privilege to again have the chance to fellowship with and walk with a bunch of committed people who help us raise funds to feed hungry Children. Included below find the link (Bind them and write them) to the short challenge I shared with the group. Thank you to all who serve in so many different ways!

“Bind them and write them”

Bind them and Write them  (PDF Link to Message)