Hunger Crisis!

With so many challenges facing our world, it is not easy to share yet another, and yet we must. Southern Africa is facing a food crisis not seen for decades. The estimate for South Africa which normally grows the lion share of the food for the region is that they expect less than half last year’s production. This was less than half the previous years production. The simple reason is drought that has intensified over the past few years caused, we are told, by the “strongest El Nino weather event ever recorded.”

“New figures from the UN’s World Food Programme say 40 million people in rural areas and 9 million in urban centres who live in the drought-affected parts of Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi and Swaziland will need food assistance in the next year.” (The Guardian)

Joao, our acting field team leader, says the situation is getting worse every day with the first maize crops failing and now with maize prices, reaching more than twice the normal price in our area, if you can even find some to buy. We as a mission normally buy in extra grain to at least have food to meet the worst emergencies in our immediate area, but this past year food prices were already high and we were hard pressed with our budget to buy in enough food for our orphan and school feeding program.

Last night, the SAM Ministries board authorized an initial fundraising campaign through which we hope to purchase 24 tons of maize meal which will be used to provide work for food programs to help those worst affected. This means we need to find around 500 people who would give $35 which would make this happen  (Download the PDF project summary by clicking here). This $35 would feed a family for one month and will make a difference. Remember that anything you can give will touch a life.

If you can help, please donate now by clicking here, select the “Emergency feeding for Mozambique 2016” Fund. Thank you for your help!