The multiplier effect!

Although to someone from the first world, our progress may seem slow, we have seen wonderful and steady progress on the maintenance facility. And if one man had not responded to a challenge God dropped in his heart, we would not even be this far. Rick Cogbill, an army of supporters of Mercy Tech Missions and amazing support of the Summerland Baptist Church, has demonstrated yet again how much effort is multiplied when people work together.
Rick is assembling a team due of very qualified builders and an electrician to arrive in March this year with the primary goal of building the steel trusses and putting on the roof as well as installing electrics. As a mission working in this context, we only build and make progress with the funds we actually have on hand. This ensures we do not behave like some governments we know and live beyond our means. This discretion ensures a much more secure future for this important work. But this also means a significant amount of faith and patience because when a team comes, we need to have material on-site to enable them to be productive and it takes time out here to get the materials needed.

The good news is that the resources are in the bank to finish the wall structures and get it ready for the roof. The other good news is that with present promised donations we have funds to buy in all the steel for the trusses. The remaining need roughly at this point is $15,000 for the electrics and a welder, and another $6,500 or so for the actual roof sheeting. Pray with us and the team as fund-raisers are held and the vision is shared that the resources will be here in time to get materials needed so the time given by these professionals is productive!