The Library is Open!

We are so pleased to announce that today we celebrated the official opening of our school’s library in Mozambique. We are so thankful to those who have joined hands with us-generous and hard working people-to help make this possible at last!

Much preparation went into place before the big event and I couldn’t help but snap this shot of our head brick layer and “capitão” blowing up balloons so we could decorate. Everyone’s hearts were in this!


Local area VIP’s shared in the joyous event and did the honor of cutting the ribbon.


Visitors and contributors to the project were here even from Canada to help with finishing touches and setting up.



Pretty much every book has its own story to tell besides what’s inside. Some books have come from far away, even shipped from Canada, while others contain stories about life in Mozambique–even right here where we are.

It has been a huge effort but we are proud to say we have books in 6 languages. Most important, of course, are the books written in local languages so young children and local people can understand them better.

This story “The Bridge” is the story written about the very bridge that was built and inaugurated here last year. Every item in this library means so much to us all!

There are hand-me-down books, and toys, and donated books and toys. It really is a feast for the eyes in these parts where literature is as sparse as libraries!

Students and their parents, school and mission staff–in fact most of the community it seems–showed up to celebrate this momentous event.

This was the perfect occasion to speak once again about the importance of literacy, but also of girls remaining in school until they learn a skill or a trade. Pictured below is Flora, one of the sponsored girls in our program who has studied hard and proven herself. She will soon graduate from her health program. What a pride and joy she is to us.


One of the younger girls was chosen to read the school’s address to attendees, and to the education department, petitioning for the addition of Grade 6 to our school in 2016.



Pictured below is a copy of one of the students’ favorite books, one of many put in a plastic sheath binder at the beginning of the school year. It has been well used, and so it should be, but keeping our “books” in a box as we have had to do has been hard on them. Now that they have nice shelves as their home, they will fare much better. And there is lots of space, and need, for more!


To all who have joined this effort over the years, in the many ways that so many of you have, thank you!IMG_9716