The Difference a Year can Make – Library Project Update

This past year it’s been exciting to watch the library going up and now just in time for the new school year…it’s almost complete!

Library wall

Foundation being laid.


Pouring the concrete floor


Walls going up

We look forward to using this facility this year! The main structure including plastering is finished.


Plastered and ready for paint!

And just this past week the painting was completed by the Discover team from Prairie Bible Institute, who are here serving for 3 weeks. The library has never looked better!


Painted and final stages of completion!

Now there’s only a few things outstanding:

• Installing security windows
• Furnishing the inside – the last big job! Tables, chairs/benches, storage cupboards for books and supplies will all have to be constructed or purchased.
• Purchasing and installing solar-powered lights

We want to say a special thank you to all our partners in this project!